Logging in…

Retinal scan completed.


New Tesseract Agent, to Tesseract Society Anomaly Preparedness EXERCISE #34-Q:

Spotting the interactions of 2 or more unknown memetic anomalies.

Triangle no wt.jpg

The following is a real-time semi-interactive training exercise.

Written, tested, and redacted by Media Containment Agent: The Jabberwock and Cryptography Agent: SignalSam. Approved and funded by Benefactor #13 under project: Wormtooth.

The actual events have been
changed to remove all
cognito hazards.

Agents are not to take this training exercise within 12 weeks of Decay Terminal monitor duty,

if they are under current observation for possible side effects of known cognito-hazards, or

if they have ever interacted with the Yellow King.

“It always starts with the dream.

The dream of the Man in the Long Coat.”

-EXCERPT from FIrst contact report of Tesseract Agent Codename: Judas
recovered posthumously