Possible INfected Subject (Anomalous)

Name: Ezekiel [Redacted] III (“Crow”)

Original Intake Date: ██/██/████

Height: 5’11”

Weight: Eyes: Subject is dichromatic: Left eye brown, right eye [redacted]

Hair: Brown

Personal effects/belongings:

Subject wearing: Black pants, black boots, black hooded sweatshirt,

Subject carrying:  polished wooden walking stick, 2 cellular phones, no wallet nor identification, journal with entries belonging to Tesseract Agent “Judas”, sketchbook with drawings belonging to Tesseract Agent “Judas”

Intake Notes:

Subject was collected using a standard field-agent dose of tranquilizer

Subject is currently under the effects of [redacted] for sedation and interrogation compliance

Reason for intake: Mentioned as possible host of unknown conito-hazard in field report of  [Redacted] (“Judas”); mentioned in intake interview: [Redacted] (“Psyco Ra”)

Subject regained lucidity 30 minutes prior to normal response to sedation

Interviewer: Are you with us already?

Subject: What?

I: You’re a real veteran aren’t you? You take drugs a lot?

S: Not a lot, no.

I: Do you know why you’re here?

S: Where am I?

(Interviewer pulls out journal)

I: Is this yours?

S: Yes.

(Interviewer turns to bookmarked page in journal)

I: Who’s blood is this?

S: Is there blood? That wasn’t there before I lost it.

I: Why did you kill Judas?

S: That’s a complicated answer.

I: So you admit that you killed him.

S: Yes.

I: You are still having the dream?

S: Yes.

I: Did you start having the dream before or after Judas told you he had the dream?

S: I had the dream, then he told us he had had the dream.

I: What’s the complicated answer?

S: What?

I: To why you killed Judas?

S: Thought Judas knew my father and was working for

S (voice drops): the Man in the Long Coat.

S (voice normal): I don’t think that now.

I: Why not?

S: Other people are having the dream, not just Judas and I.

I (without looking up): How many?

S: I don’t know.

I: Have you made any art?

S (confusion): What?

I: Since you had the dream, have you made any art, stories, or music?

S: No.

(Interviewer looks at Guard and nods. Subject suddenly becomes aware armed guards are present)

I (to Guard*): What’s he going to do, reach through the glass? I’ll be fine.

(Guard leaves)

I (to Subject, disappointed): Ezekiel, we were doing so good.

S (angry): How do you know my--

I : What exactly is “noise”?

S (suspiciously): Um…

(Subject knocks knuckles on table and shrugs)

I (conversational): See I’m old school. You play me Chuck Berry, or Bob Dylan and I can get into it. I even like some of these new bands- The Black Keys- but our tech guy--

(Guard enters with cellular phone belonging to Tesseract Agent [Redacted] “Judas“. Guard hands cellular phone in evidence bag to Interviewer and Interviewer unlocks phone)

I (uninterrupted): He said this was some kind of genre of “not music” called “noise.”

(Interviewer plays file: Crow - Recovered Anomalous Noise File 02)

I: Did you make this?

S: Yes.

I: This isn’t art?

S: No.

I: What is it?

S: Electronic sounds. To scratch an itch.

I: Why the codes in your journal?

S: I was getting into cryptography.

I: Cryptography?

S: Cryptography.

I: What about Judas working for the man from the dream meant that you had to kill him?

S: I don’t know. It just did.

I: How many other people have you killed?

S: I killed Judas.

(Interviewer picks up yellow legal pad belonging to Maurice [Redacted] “Psyco Ra”)

I (reading):  “I've been buzzing for the past week. The feeling's somewhere between falling in love (requited love, what's more) and having had too much coffee.

I (to Crow): You know all of this. Heck, you wrote it! Let me just read my favorite part.

I (reading): “There's too much between us. There are too many possibilities as to how that story came out of his mouth, and every single one of them means he has to die. If the impulse jumped from me to him, he can't be trusted knowing this. Did he read my journal? He has to die. Did he read my fucking mind? He really has to die. Did he actually have that dream? Well, if he drew again like he said he did, he's already killed to get that piece, and I have no reason to consider myself in good standing with him.”

I : See it’s that phrase that’s my favorite: “he's already killed to get that piece”. So specific. What do you think that means?

(Both are silent for a moment)

I : See what I think it means is that you’ve killed before. And I think you did it for the man from your dream.

S (voice altered): the man in the long coat.

I: The man.  In the long, fucking coat.

S: Five.

I: You’ve killed five people?

S: Only three were having the dream.

I: Why did you kill the ones after you figured out that Judas wasn’t working for the man from the dream.

S: I think I got carried away.

I: You got carried away.

(Subject looks up at the light in the ceiling)

S: You know…  when he talked to me.

I: Judas.

S: No; (voice drops) the man in the long coat.

I (surprised): You’ve spoken to the man in the long coat?

(Subject looks at interviewer)

S: When the dream changed.

I: What did he say to you?

S: You?… You know less than you are pretending to.

AT THIS POINT IN THE INTERVIEW Interviewer initiates Increased Interrogation Protocol.
Video and audio recordings are stopped.

Upon initiation of Increased Interrogation Protocol, Agent [Redacted] enters the quarantine room carrying TS-2012-A12-1 “The Music Box”.

Safety ear plugs and audio dampening equipment is applied, in compliance with all protocol per [Redacted]

Agent** winds up TS-2012-A12-1.
Subject responds in inaudible protest, resisting restraints.

Agent opens TS-2012-A12-1 and Interviewer states the following commands during TS-2012-A12-2 “[Redacted]” sequence.  
Deemed in compliance with TS-2012-A12 protocol at all times.

I: You want to tell me the truth. You don’t want to hurt me. The Tesseract Society is your friend. You would never hurt The Tesseract Society. You want to help the Tesseract Society. I am working on behalf of The Tesseract Society.

Interviewer nods to the Agent while maintaining TS-2012-A12-2 protocol and not issuing any further commands.  

Agent agrees to close TS-2012-A12-1.

Agent returns TS-2012-A12-1 to secured storage.

Video and audio recordings resume.

I: Tell me exactly what you and the man in the long coat said to each other.

S: “When I killed the illustrator he said “You?” When I killed the photographer he said “What are you doing here?” When I killed the rapper I asked him “How many of us are there?” He said “I have no one like you.”

I: What do you think he meant by that?

S: I- I can’t explain it, but it felt like I was passing some test that he didn’t think I would pass.

I: He was being encouraging?

S: Yes.

I: Do you think he would speak to you again?

S: If I killed another.

I: If you killed another person who was having the dream.

S: Yes; I would follow them to him.

I: Would you ask him a question for us?

S (confused): Us?

I: For the Tesseract Society.

S: The Tesseract Society is my friend.

I: Yes.

S: I could never hurt the Tesseract Society.

I: Would you ask him a question?

S: I want to help The Tesseract Society.

I: You do.

S: What should I ask him?***

Interview ended pending approval.

* Agent William [Redacted] (deceased through unrelated anomalous circumstances)
** Agent [Redacted] “Watchmaker” Favre permanent handler of TS-2012-A12-1 “The Music Box”
***Question can be found in MitLC interview logs: TS-[redacted] - Man in the Long Coat Record # B4325