Emily - Sunday - Entry 1


I have not been compelled to pick up my camera for quite some time now. Over an entire year without one image captured on my SD card.

Photography can be a difficult medium.

Inspiration needs to be in direct proximity in order for anything to come to fruition, let alone satisfy my own standards.

I felt magnetized to my camera after a bizarre dream I had:

It started out in the woods behind the horse farm.

I am struggling with my lenses and framing a forgiving composition.

I feel eyes on me. Silence, the crunch of the sticks beneath my feet and the smell of burnt leaves... God. it was very deceiving...

I turned and saw a seemingly disjointed [redacted]. I was drawn to open it and fearful of its possible disappearance.

It took a push but the [redacted] creaked open, almost independently, and there was a long... and I mean long and dark [redacted].

The feeling of someone watching me grew and I rushed, frantic down the [redacted].

Then I saw him.


The Man in the Long Coat.

I could see the outline of him, but no details. He was shining a [redacted] onto a long [redacted].

My footstep brought a sudden thud that echoed throughout the small [redacted] and immediately the... Man in the Long Coat turns to look me in the face.

It was so fast but I saw just.... sadness... terror... the shape of his black and grey, sunken eyes - the [redacted] engulfed his body and he was gone. And I woke up.

I think.

I went out for a shoot after the dream with a friend who had been bugging me for months to visit some abandoned buildings.

I took this image..... and no matter how many times I changed the settings, opened up the aperture, cranked up the ISO.... switched lenses... the darkness embodied the picture.

These two things are probably unrelated.

Maybe my camera is broken.

I will update soon!