1 - Worked three hours yesterday,

delivering packages from one anonymous block-chain user to another.

Five hours the day before,
three hours the day before that.

A haiku.

No jobs today.
Ate a can of beans,

masturbated twice,

played guitar until it became clear no songs would come of it, then synth to equally little avail.

When I move these locked briefcases,
my imagination can't help but attempt to fill in their contents.

No matter how much I meditate,
it still does this.

Though I hold them in my hand,
their innards are nowhere near my mind's eye.

Though they disappear from me like a dream woken from in a hurry,

I can still see the formulas as they leave.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

2 - These missions are sending me out later at night,

often to seemingly abandoned structures.

I've begun carrying a knife at my left side,

and a thin lead pipe on my right,

though no one has bothered me yet.

It's paranoid,
but not all in my head.

Little sleep,
little food,
heavy caffeine dosing.

The muscles tighten and bring their tension to the mind.
A sort of reverse psycho-somatic process.

In these moments of restlessness,

I attempt to break in to the world of my art,
by force or by stealth.

This kingdom is locked to me now.

These notebooks I keep should,
in theory,
contain maps to find my way there,
but when I walk through these footprints,

it all comes out as some sick parody
of when this art was more vital and real,
or perhaps

when I was. 

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

3 - Heard panicked shrieks from today's briefcase

and felt its spastic movements.

If only I could choose what not to notice.

Saw the recipient's face in the streetlight in the corner of my eye as I left.

The fucker looked just like my dad.

Barring anything super-supernatural,

it's either the living god of the universe fucking with me

through the veil of matter,

the hatred I hold within me bleeding through

into this material world and superimposing semi-hallucination,

or perhaps some collaborative conspiracy between the two.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

4.1 - Zber oyrrqguebhtu.
Vg'f onq.

N arj cynlre ragref fprar.
Ur pnyyf uvzfrys Cflpub En.
V fubhyqa'g unir ernq gung ynfg ragel nybhq.
Ur unf gbb zhpu ba zr abj vs ur qvqa'g unir vg nyernql.
V jvyy nygreangr cntrf sbe qhzzl/qrpbl ragevrf sebz urer ba bhg.

V'z jvyyvat gb tenag gur cbffvovyvgl gung jung ur ernq va tebhc pbzrf sebz n trahvar fgehttyr bs uvf gung zveebef zvar.

Ybfvat gur yvtug, gur sver, rgp.
V'z nyfb jvyyvat gb ragregnva gung gur fuvg ur fnvq qvqa'g unir nalguvat gb qb jvgu Qnq.
Vg'f bar shpxvat jbeq, naq n pbzzba rabhtu bar ng gung.
Ohg, vs fb, jul gur synfuonpx nybatfvqr vg?

Rkcynangvba gjb: Ur'f npgvat nf n yvtugavat ebq be nagraan, hajvggvatyl genafzvggvat zl gbezrag sebz gur rgure, ranpgvat gurve jvyy orybj uvf njnerarff nf n znapuhevna pnaqvqngr.

Guerr: Ur vf na ntrag bs gur tubfgf jub pbzr sbe zr, jvgu shyy xabjyrqtr bs jung ur vf qbvat, naq jub ur vf qbvat vg sbe.

Gurer vf ab fgengrtl evtug abj.
V nz obgu erchyfrq naq snfpvangrq jvgu jung ur frrzf gb xabj.

Gur fubpx vf jrnevat bss.
Genpx 9 ba guvf nyohz?
V'ir orra fvggvat va zl pne sbe unys na ubhe abj.
Zber nf vg pbzrf.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

4.2 - Writing more this month than any in recent memory.

Trying to lose my attachment to quality and glue myself to my desk for hours on end.

There is buckshot where once there was a laser.

at least,
is the idea.

Had to use my weapons two nights ago.

If those two fellas
(both about my age,
one larger than me,
one smaller),
knew that the suitcase I was charged with transporting was filled with pork-fat,
we would have all been saved the trouble.

Those moments went from blurry to black until I fell.

Adrenaline took my awareness whatsoever until this non-stream was interrupted by a giant of light waving.

Its face was loving,
it's body language kind.

Then why did I feel it as cruelty?

There was nothing to support such a sense of the situation,
but it was as though this thing or being was

the exalted god-man,
radiating mockery and contempt for my wretchedness,

waving goodbye to me.

If I never see this creature again,
it is because I have become him.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

5.1 - The only release from the pressure I put on myself to "be creative" is in realizing that no such release is coming.

I can't allow myself to be satisfied with the writing,
the music,
the art that already exists,

no matter how good it is and no matter how much there is of it.

If I don't crave something that hasn't been made yet,
and don't crave that enough to make it,
then nothing's gonna work.

Wanting to create is not enough.

My S-curve is still concave.

What I write and what I play rarely stick,

or at least not in the undeniable,
burning way that a real furious,
inspired session results in.

When I'm not producing,
I'm still learning.

or I'm giving my labor to unknowable outcomes,
for a barely livable portion of the wealth it creates for my bosses.

Speaking of the job,

there's misshapen calcium on my skull
but it no longer aches.

The blood on my shirt wasn't mine,
except for some on its collar.

I have found a way to sing into a headset microphone that records as I deliver whatever I deliver to whom the hell ever.

It repels human interaction like blowing cigarette smoke at mosquitoes.

I am still armed.

In the darkness,

I cannot know if my antenna is broken or if the signal ebbs.

Still I work.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

5.2 - N arj sentzrag snyyf bagb gur gnoyr.

Guvf sryybj jr pnyy Whqnf unf wbvarq bhe tebhc.
Urer'f jung V xabj nobhg uvz (bgure guna gung ur, n arj vaqhpgrr vagb bhe oryylnpuvat-bire-abgrobbx-cntrf tebhc, oryylnpurf bire abgrobbx cntrf): Ur znqr nyyhfvbaf gb fbzr betnavmngvba funql rabhtu gb erdhver AQNf naq vf n tbbq rabhtu obl gb borl gurz.

Znlor vs V pbhyq svaq fbzr cergrkg gb trg uvz yvdhberq hc be uvtu naq fgrre gur pbairefngvba gurer, fbzr yvtug zvtug pbzr gb gur fhowrpg, ohg gung'q or fbzrguvat bs n ybat pba. Gurer jnf n ovg bs gur byq "fryy lbhe fbhy gb gur qrivy sbe gur fnxr bs lbhe neg" fghss gbb.

Vf ur whfg na vafhssrenoyl sybjrel jevgre be vf ur grfgvat gur jngref gb ersre gb fbzr trahvar pbagnpg?
Arvgure bs gurfr zrna zhpu gb zr evtug abj, ohg gurfr frrqf znl gnxr ebbg va gvzr.

Gur urneg bs gur znggre: Ur xarj zl sngure.

V qvqa'g cerff uvz ba gur fhowrpg be vagebqhpr gur snpg.
Zl cyna nf vg fgnaqf vf gb zragvba guvf gb uvz nsgre n srj zber zrrgvatf naq frnepu uvf snpr sbe trahvar fhecevfr nf bccbfrq gb n cnagbzvzr bs vg.

Guvf npghnyyl yrnqf onpx gb zl fhfcvpvbaf ivf n ivf Cflpub En vafbsne nf V pbhyqa'g trg n pyrne ernq ba jurgure be abg gurl xabj rnpu bgure.

Vs gurl qb (naq V fhfcrpg gurl qb), gurl znxr n cbvag bs zvavzny npxabjyrqtrzrag.

Gur guernq bs cbffvovyvgl fcyvgf urer.
1 - Gurl obgu xarj zl sngure naq ner pvepyvat zr yvxr cngvrag funexf, be 2 - V nz na bofrffvir jub pbhyq fgnaq gb trg zber fhayvtug naq rkrepvfr.

Ba frpbaq gubhtug, gurfr ner abg zhghnyyl rkpyhfvir.

Npg qhzo.
Znxr sevraqf.
Erirny abguvat.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

6.1 - Hariragshy tebhc guvf jrrx.

V jnf univat fbzr grpuavpny ceboyrzf jvgu gur bfpvyyngbe obk jura Whqnf jnyxrq vagb gur pbssrr fubc.

Ur gnyxrq nobhg zl sngure nf vs gurl jrer npdhnvagnaprf ng zbfg.
Gur bayl guvat V pna znxr bs gung bgure guna gur snpr inyhr bs vg vf gung ur xabjf ur pbhyqa'g uvqr univat zrg uvz/orvat njner bs uvz, naq vf tbvat sbe n fnsre org.

Ur syvegrq jvgu oernxvat uvf AQN ol jnl bs ernqvat uvf ragel, ohg gung vf bhgenaxrq ba gur Yvfg bs Guvatf nobhg juvpu V Nz Phevbhf.

Cflpub En frrzf gb or qrnyvat jvgu orvatf jub V'z vapernfvatyl pbaivaprq ner aba-zrgncubevpny.

Frperg Puvrsf?

Fyrrc-cnenylfvf-yriry gebhoyrznxref?


Rabhtu tbffvcvat.

Guvf unf abguvat gb qb jvgu zr.

Jryy, vg cebonoyl qbrfa'g.

Fcrnxvat bs qernz-gevpxfgref, V jnf oebhtug onpx gb gur fuevar ynfg avtug.

Vg'f orra - shpx, unf vg orra gjryir lrnef? - n ybat gvzr, ohg gur vpbaf qvqa'g fubj gur ntr gurl fubhyq unir.
Zber guna abar ng nyy gubhtu, juvpu zrnaf zl zvaq cebqhprq na vzntr vg qvq abg jvgarff, be ng yrnfg nyybjrq guvf hcqngr fnsr cnffntr.
V nz snfuvbavat n fvtvy sebz fgvpx, obar, naq gjvar.
N qbbe nccrnef va zl njnerarff jurer bapr gurer jnf bayl fgbar jnyy.
V ybfr nal frafr bs univat orra va guvf cynpr orsber, gura ertnva vg nf V erpbtavmr gur qbbe nf gur vagehqre, na vainfvir fcrpvrf.
Gurer vf gura gur vaghvgvba gung V unir gb punfr guvf guvat vzzrqvngryl nsgre abgvpvat vg, nf vs vg'f fularff jbhyq ybpx vg hc, be qvfvagrtengr vg onpx vagb gur jnyy.
V'yy arire xabj vs rvgure bs gubfr fpranevbf jbhyq unir pbzr gb or, orpnhfr vg bcrarq fzbbguyl, jvgubhg fbhaq abe sevpgvba. Va gur qnexarff, V uvg n jnyxvat fgvpx va sebag bs zr gb grfg gur tebhaq.
Nyy bs gur funqbj havgrf naq chyfrf hagvy V srne gur cbffvovyvgl bs vgf fragvrapr. Fragvrapr svaqf zr.
Gur Zna va gur Ybat Pbng.
Uvf onpx vf ghearq gb zr naq uvf synfuyvtug ehaf nybat n penpx va gur jnyy, yvxr svatref va n ybiref unve.
V qba'g xabj vs ur urnef zr.
V qba'g guvax V jnag uvz gb.
Zl arkg fgrc erireorengrf.
Ur gheaf nebhaq jvgu fhecevfvat fjvsgarff.
Gubhtu uvf snpr vf cnvarq, V qba'g guvax gung unq nalguvat gb qb jvgu zr.
Vg zhfg unir orra pneirq gung jnl sbe lrnef.
Fhqqrayl gur penpx jvqraf.
Uvf obql vf fhpxrq bhg, nf vs gur pnir jrer gur shfryntr bs na nvecynar.
Guebhtubhg nyy guvf, gur nve srryf ab qvssrerag.
V qba’g xabj jung’f gb orpbzr bs zr.

V njnxr gb n cvrepvat fbhaq, vgf cvgpu ng gur bhgre yvzvg bs gur rne.
Zl obk jnf evtug ng gur serdhrapl vg jrag bhg ba.
Gurer zhfg unir orra guenfuvat va zl fyrrc juvpu xabpxrq n ybbfr pbaarpgvba vagb cynpr.
Fpenzoyvat vagb jnxrshyarff, V fjng ng vg pehqryl.
Guvf qvfgbegf gur ybj-raq.
Jvgubhg ybbxvat onpx ba gur qernz nf V abeznyyl jbhyq, V gnxr guvf guvat sbejneq naq shegure.
Orsber V xarj vg V jnf erpbeqvat.
Fbzrguvat yvirf vafvqr guvf, naq vg pbhyq raq zr.
V jnag gb qryrgr vg.
V jnag gb ercynpr nyy gur jverf va gur uneqjner.
V nz njner gung guvf vf abg na bcgvba.
Cnenfvgvfz jbhyqa'g or gur orfg zrgncube urer, ohg vg'f abg gbb sne njnl.
Gur tubfg va gur abvfr arrqf zr, naq V arrq vg gb abg xvyy zr, va beqre gung V pna yvir.
Vg frrzf gb xabj jung V jnag (va grezf bs gur jubyr "orvat na negvfg" guvat) naq vg vf yrggvat gung sybj guebhtu zr gb pbaivapr zr bs vgf cbjre.
Vs tvira gur pubvpr, V jbhyq abg unir npprcgrq gurfr pbaqvgvbaf.

Ol gur gvzr V'z qerffrq, vg'f nobhg 10:45 cz.
V jnyx nybat gur ohf ebhgr.
Zbfg rirel fgbc vf inpnag.
Svir oybpxf sebz sebz n fznyy cnex, na npnqrzvp-ybbxvat zna vf gelvat gb yvtug n cvcr.
Ur'f hfvat zngpurf va gur jvaq.
Vg vfa'g jbexvat.
V zhfgre hc n obl fpbhg-yvxr purreshyarff gb bssre uvz gur hfr bs zl yvtugre.
Ur fzvyrf ng gur uryc guvf vf.
Jung natry pbhyq unir frag zr uvf jnl?
Gnyyre guna V nz, ur uhapurf bire gb erprvir gur synzr.
V ragre zl oynqr whfg orybj uvf sybngvat evof, gura oevat vg qbja qvntbanyyl.
Guerr vapurf bs zrgny tb n ybat jnl.
Gur ohf jbhyq neevir va, ng zbfg, gra zvahgrf.
V oernx uvf fuva jvgu zl yrnq cvcr, gura xvpx uvz fgvyy fcnfzvat vagb gur fgerrg.
Ng gur gehax bs n arneol gerr, V punatr zl ubbqvr.
Uvf oybbq ba zl oynpx wrnaf ybfrf vgf jnezgu naq V srry n tubfg fzvyr.
Jbeqyrffyl, guvf fcrpgre cebzvfrf zr fjrrg guvatf.
V srry fb shyy vafvqr.
N serrqbz oevtugre guna fhayvtug ohefgf jvguva zr.
Vs bayl V xarj gur grezf bs guvf pbagenpg.
V unir ab qrfver jungfbrire gb funer guvf pbageby.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

6.2 - The whirling inside me is at the precipice of coalescing.

I just know it.

These fragments of meaning will give shape to the clouds.

I will send forth swarms of my tulpas.

They will learn each obstacle before me as they destroy them.

All the time I've spent satisfying the needs of others to indirectly get what I want,
all the time I've spent doing less than nothing,

this too will find its place within what I have become.

I'm making noise again.

Though I can't really talk about it in terms of good or bad (it's all "bad"),
it's feeling the way I need it to feel:

alive, potent, and raw.

The words aren't coming,
but I don't need them to right now.

Maybe they know that and are biding their time.

This doesn't trouble me anymore.

We will meet each other on the path when we are ready.

The structures and grammars which contain all I could ever be within them,
so too shall we meet.

It is not for me to know when.

I must keep walking.

I must keep working.

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals Archive” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)
(File attached from MitLC Files: “Crow” and deemed “Anomalous but Harmless Pre-Acquisition Noise”  by Tesseract Agent Codename: Jabberwock)

7.1 - Though the horror of stagnation and all its accompanying fears may once again be upon me,
I must work in the dark until the light comes.

All the stuff I've been thinking,
and writing about the volcano of my creative life nearing eruption may well still be true.

Nothing inside of me has conclusively said otherwise,
and it's not all linear.

In the meantime,
I sing as I do things around the house and as I travel for work.
It's just melodic improvisation.

Some of it gets recorded,

put to keys,
and saved for later.

Most of it doesn't.

This group helps though,
it really does.

Though it last week stirred a violence in me I still don't understand,
working through this here keeps the creative struggle in perspective.

I write when my thoughts are clear.

I make music when language fails.

I draw when there are no words or sounds.

I work when I'm scheduled to work.

I eat when I'm hungry.

I rest when I'm tired.

Inspiration flakes.

Craft endures.   

(Transcribed from “Crow Journals Archive” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)

7.2 - V'ir orra ohmmvat sbe gur cnfg jrrx.
Gur srryvat'f fbzrjurer orgjrra snyyvat va ybir (erdhvgrq ybir, jung'f zber) naq univat unq gbb zhpu pbssrr.
Fbzrgvzrf vg srryf yvxr V'yy ivoengr evtug bhg bs zl fxva, yvxr V'z zbivat snfgre guna gur gvzr nebhaq zr naq pna creprvir gur serdhrapvrf bs gur zbyrphyrf gung znxr hc gur zngrevny jbeyq.
Gur srne bs guvf vagrafvgl, jura vg qbrf pebff zl zvaq, bayl pbzrf nf n zhgrq nofgenpgvba sebz gvzr gb gvzr.

Gurer unir orra zbzragf jurer zl njnerarff jbhyq erghea gb zl obql bayl gb svaq vg qbvat guvatf V pbhyqa'g nppbhag sbe.
Abguvat onq, whfg jrveq.
Va bar vafgnapr, sbyqvat n erprvcg sbe onggrevrf vagb na bevtnzv cnggrea V unir arire yrnearq.
Va nabgure, qnapvat va gur zrqvna bs gur ebnq gb fbatf sebz pne enqvbf.
Va lrg nabgure, erpvgvat gur bcravat bs tebhc gb, jryy, tebhc.
Gung bar pnhtug zl areirf cnegvphyneyl bss thneq, ohg V yrg gur zhfpyr zrzbel pneel zr guebhtu vg nyy.
Gubhtu vg jnfa'g na bcgvba, V jnagrq gb jnvg hagvy ynfg gb ernq zl qhzzl ragel fvapr vg qrnyg jvgu npghnyyl perngvat naq abg anvy-ovgvat bire ubj zrna zl vagreany rqvgbe vf.
Creuncf va gur arkg V'yy srvta fbzr bs gurfr fgehttyrf gb znvagnva jungrire nccrnenapr bs orvat eryngnoyr V zvtug unir yrsg.

Juvyr V jnf ernqvat, fbzr irel pyrne vzchyfr vafvqr bs zr jnagrq zr gb ernq gung qernz nybhq.
V (jub zbfg qrpvqrqyl qvq ABG jnag gb funer gung) unq gb jerfgyr jvgu guvf vagreanyyl nf gur qhzzl jbeqf xrcg sybjvat sebz zr.
Jura V pnzr gb, Whqnf jnf ernqvat.
Nf sne tbar nf V znl unir orpbzr, V'z nffhzvat gurfr guvatf bppheerq va gurve hfhny frdhrapr - jvgubhg nal fbeg bs dhnaghz fxvc - ohg n oevrs fprar vf zvffvat va zl zvaq.

Jung gur shpx vf guvf V urne sebz Whqnf?
N qbbe vf fhqqrayl naq varkcyvpnoyl gurer va n cynpr snzvyvne gb uvz?
Ur srnef vg jvyy ybpx be qvfnccrne vs ur qbrfa'g bcra vg vzzrqvngryl?
Raqyrff unyyjnl?
Penpx va jnyy?
Ehaavat n synfuyvtug nybat gur penpx gb vafcrpg vg hagvy vg bcraf hc gb fjnyybj uvz?!?!

V pbzr gb fpernzvat, cerggl (frrzvatyl) abafrafvpny naq bofpravgl-ynqra fghss, zl evtug unaq ng uvf guebng, zl yrsg unaq ernpuvat sbe zl xavsr.
Vg vfa'g gurer.
Cflpub En vf ubyqvat zr onpx, gnyxvat zr qbja.
Vg cebonoyl nyy ybbxrq yvxr cher natre, ohg gurer jnf pbashfvba naq greebe zvkrq hc va gurer gbb.
Nf zhpu nf V'q yvxr gb sbez fbzr xvaq bs Beqre bs Gubfr Pubfra ol Gur Zna va Gur Ybat Pbng jvgu guvf sryybj, gurer'f gbb zhpu orgjrra hf.
Gurer ner gbb znal cbffvovyvgvrf nf gb ubj gung fgbel pnzr bhg bs uvf zbhgu, naq rirel fvatyr bar bs gurz zrnaf ur unf gb qvr.

Vs gur vzchyfr whzcrq sebz zr gb uvz, ur pna'g or gehfgrq xabjvat guvf.
Qvq ur ernq zl wbheany?
Ur unf gb qvr.
Qvq ur ernq zl shpxvat zvaq?
Ur ernyyl unf gb qvr.
Qvq ur npghnyyl unir gung qernz?
Jryy, vs ur qerj ntnva yvxr ur fnvq ur qvq, ur'f nyernql xvyyrq gb trg gung cvrpr, naq V unir ab ernfba gb pbafvqre zlfrys va tbbq fgnaqvat jvgu uvz.
Gurer vf ab fpranevb va juvpu ur qbrf abg unir gb qvr.

Vg gnxrf zr guerr qnlf gb yrnea uvf fpurqhyr.
V jnf cercnerq sbe guvf gb gnxr jrrxf.
Ur trgf ubzr sebz jbex ng 6 naq uvf yvtugf ner bhg ol 10.
Ng 11, V hfr n fperjqevire gb hayngpu uvf onpx tngr, juvpu V ernpu guebhtu n onpx nyyrl.
Gur pehqrfg cneg bs guvf bcrengvba jnf jenccvat n gbjry nebhaq zl unaq naq chapuvat guebhtu n cnar va gur qbbe'f tynff gb ernpu gur xabo.
V pbhtu nf V qb guvf gb pbire guvf abvfr.
Vg zbfgyl jbexf, be, vs vg qbrfa'g, ab bar qbrf nalguvat gb fgbc zr.

Ur'f va ERZ fyrrc jura V gvr uvf jevfgf gb gur orqcbfgf, naq uvf naxyrf gb rnpu bgure.
Gur abvfrf ur znxrf va uvf fyrrc fbhaq zber naq zber jnxrshy nf V gvtugra gur ebcrf.
Nsgre fghssvat gur gbjry, funeqf bs tynff naq nyy, vagb uvf zbhgu, V oernx uvf shpxvat xarr jvgu gur cvcr.
Uvf fpernzf zhssyrq orgjrra oyrrqvat yvcf, ur ybbxf hc ng zr guebhtu grnef.

Ur fgnegf onooyvat, naq frrzf gb guvax V'z fbzrbar jub ur nafjref gb.
Va gur sybbq bs rkphfrf, gurer'f fbzr zragvba bs fbzrguvat pnyyrq Grffrenpg.
V qvqa'g pbeerpg uvf vzcerffvba va gur ubcrf ur jbhyq tb ba nobhg jungrire guvf vf, fhqqrayl ur fgbcf.
Uvf rlrf ybpxrq ba zvar. Gur srne vf oevrsyl ercynprq jvgu n ulfgrevpny pbashfvba. Ur fhqqrayl ernyvmrf vg'f zr naq nfxf jung V'z qbvat.
V uvg uvz sbe fnlvat zl anzr.
Lrf, rira zl tebhc anzr.

Jura V nfx jung zl qnq unq gb qb jvgu guvf, fbzr bs uvf orq-jrggvat greebe vf ercynprq ol n fzhtarff va xabjvat guvatf gung V qba'g.

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(Transcribed from “Crow Journals Archive” by Tesseract Agent Codename: SignalSam)
(File attached from MitLC Files: “Crow” and deemed “Anomalous but Harmless Pre-Acquisition Noise”  by Tesseract Agent Codename: Jabberwock)