O - The Fool

Someone is sending a message through the radio.  I've heard it four times now, breaking through normal broadcasts.  AM, FM, am and pm. All the same. Distant music, static, what sounds like a record needle skipping, then a voice.  At first, I thought it was repeating permutations of the phrase "no worries", but then regular patterns emerged and repeat listens revealed that I had misheard the message.

I sent it off for analysis, and reversing the recording reveals that the message has been coded in binary; what I thought was a voice telling me not to worry was in fact a string of zeroes and ones.  Once that message was transcribed, things got weirder.

Someone is putting out a cry for help.  But why these layers of obfuscation? Where are these being broadcast from?  The more I learn, the smaller and dumber I feel.