1. Judas - The Man in the Long Coat

Hey, I am Judas. Well, that's not my real name, but it will do for this blog.

Before the dream, I hadn’t really been able to create art for a while, years in fact, though I still considered myself an artist.

In trying to restart my muse I returned to a creative workshop group I used to go to years ago.

The new guy running it, "Crow", has changed the rules a bit, and the attendance has dropped considerably. I was a little suspect.

Group had helped me back then, so I thought I’d give it another shot anyway.

Crow insists we use nicknames for each other, hence "Judas." The only other guy in Group goes by Psyco Ra.

I've been going to Group for a couple weeks now and I guess it's helping because in the middle of the night I woke from a strange dream and went straight to my desk and drew with no hesitation.

I will try to get a scanner but for now, my phone’s camera will have to do.

I will try to get a scanner but for now, my phone’s camera will have to do.

I'll try to describe the dream as best as I can:

I'm on the train that I used to take to work at the factory. I am trying to draw, but the marks don't appear on the pages. I look over and across the aisle from my seat, where normally there would be another seat and a window, and instead against the wall, clear as day, is an old wooden [redacted]. I get a sense that it may disappear or become locked if I don't act fast.


Suddenly and without thinking I am out of my seat and through the [redacted].

Leaving the train behind me I walk down an endless [redacted], an uneasy feeling at my back. My pace quickens.

I see an end to the [redacted], shifting shadows at its maw.

In the [redacted] I see a giant [redacted] being inspected by a man.

The Man in the Long Coat.

The man spears the [redacted] with a small [redacted] as he inspects the splintered [redacted], making an effort to keep his distance. Not wanting to remain with the unease at my back, my step makes a hollow sound on the floor of the [redacted]. 

The Man in the Long Coat turns to look at me, his face bruised and terrified. The moment his glance wanders, the [redacted] splits and opens a deep inky maw.

before I can warn him the [redacted] swallows him wHOLE.

I woke and drew for the first time in 4 years.