2. Emily - Haunting my Work

I'm having some trouble, recently...

distinguishing reality from my dreams.

Ever since I saw the Man in the Long Coat in my slumber, I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

He occupies every single sleeping moment.

All of my dreams. And even now, as I'm pretty certain that I am awake...

his memory is a vivid presence in my mind.

I'm drawn more towards my passion than ever before.

It's almost like an obsession.

If I don't create…

am I awake or not?

Also, I'm not sure how exactly to describe this feeling, but it seems as if...

the Man in the Long Coat is a dark friend who is pushing me towards greatness with my art.

He is haunting my work,

a friendly reminder of life's contrasts.

Dark and light.

Morning and night.

I've taken some more photographs.

My camera is in the shop with that light metering issue so I've resorted to using my cell phone.