Possible INfected Subject (Non-Anomalous)

Name: [Redacted] (“Psyco Ra”)

Original Intake Date: ██/██/████

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 157 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Personal effects/belongings:

Subject wearing: Khakis, work shoes, grey long-sleeve thermal t-shirt, prescription glasses (wire-frame)

Subject carrying: Bic pen, journal with coded and non coded entries, yellow legal pad (2 written rap verses,* 1 apparent attempt to break journal code**) Wallet with identification, cash, cellular phone (non anomalous)

Intake Notes:

Subject was collected using a standard field-agent dose of tranquilizer

Subject is currently under the effects of [redacted] for sedation and interrogation compliance

Reason for intake: Mentioned as possible host of unknown conito-hazard in field report of  [Redacted] (“Judas”)

Subject had dream of the man in the long coat [date redacted]

Interviewer: Where did you meet Judas?

Subject: At the thing.

I: Thing?

S: The coffee shop. The writer’s workshop.

(Interviewer presents journal from subject’s personal effects)

I: Why is the journal coded?

S: It’s not mine.

I (sarcasm): Sure.

S: No really it’s not mine; I was trying to break it.

(Interviewer turns to specific page in journal, points to stain)

I: Who’s blood is this?

S: There’s blood? I don’t know. Fuck.

I: Why did you kill Judas?

S (surprise): JUDAS IS DEAD?!?

S (panic): It’s this other guy’s, Crow’s. I was breaking the code. It’s in my legal pad.

(Interviewer nods head to guard. Guard leaves room.)

I: Who is Crow?

S: The other guy in the... The guy who runs the Group.

I: The writer’s group?

S: Yes, he - He talked about killing him in the journal.

I (sarcasm): The one that isn’t yours?

S: It’s not.

(Guard enters with legal pad. Interviewer glances through.)

I: Tell me about Crow.

S: He- I think he tried to kill Judas at group.  Crow… reached for him.

I: Why?

S: I don’t know; it was right after Judas read about his dream.

I: Describe the dream as best as you remember. Where did it begin?

S: A room in a house that I lived in when I was younger.

[Redacted]***  It was an old- (voice drops) the man in the long coat. [Redacted]***

I: Have you created any art?

S: I wrote a verse for a song.

I: You wrote a verse?

S: No, I wrote two verses.They’re on the legal pad.

(Subject points to the legal pad)

I: Have you shared?   

S: I have a blog.

I (shock): A blog?!

S: Yeah?

I: Did you start the blog because of the dream?

S (pauses): Yeah. I guess.

I: Why?

S: It made it more real.  

I: The dream? Or the man in the dream?

S: Are they different? Never thought to distinguish one from the other.

I: What is “it” you are specifically referring to when you say “it” was more real?

S: The whole thing. The loss of my talent, my ability, myself. Getting it back. I had writer’s block.

I (shock): You had writer’s block?

S (confusion): Yeah… That’s what the group was all about.

(Interviewer pulls form from file and scans)

I: How do you know [redacted]***?

S: What? Um. I uh- I used to go to the same open mic that he went to when I was in college.

I: Did you perform any songs together?

S: Yeah. um. He recorded my album.  

I: Would you say that you have influence over [Redacted]***?

S: Influence?

I: Would he take your advice?

S: Yeah, I think he’d take advice from me. What does this --

I: Is [Redacted]*** the same person as the man in the dream?

S: I don’t think so.

S (pauses): No; it’s not him. I would recognize that face if I had seen him before.

I: Would you recognize him in a lineup?

S: Probably.

(Interviewer ends the intake interview.)

* 1st verse later shown to be anomalous, and both songs have elements which correspond to elements in Tesseract Asset Wormtooth anomalous songs and may be subject to the Wormtooth Protocol.

** Later shown to be successful attempt, though was interrupted by asset acquisition team 2.

*** Current host of TS-1942-R6-B

FOOTNOTE: Interviewer and guard began having the dream of the man in the long coat the next night, [date redacted].