Objects for Purchase:

The following anomalous objects are deemed safe for Benefactor purchase.

All Pre-Order objects will ship in late March and proceeds will go towards tour and a Wormtooth Music Video.

These pre-orders are being done to offer up all of these Objects to Wormtooth fans and Benefactors before they sell out on tour.


Wormtooth Deermask Shirt Pre-Order


This is where you can pre-order the Wormtooth Deermask shirt.

You know the mask, get ready to love the shirt.

We will be printing extras for tour and shows (it is not recommended to see Wormtooth Live),
but will not be able to guarantee sizes unless you pre-order!

Warning: these shirts will be printed in a parallel dimension for cost saving reasons which may lead to strange side effects.


Breach CD 1/100 Pre-order


This is the Full length album “Breach” on a CD.

100 copies exist with this art.

When they run out if it is reprinted,
it will have different art.

While these all seem like selling points,
we here at the Tesseract Society urge you to think again in this purchase of a “BREACH” album from Wormtooth.

Wormtooth’s music has been known to have anomalous properties and any anomalous effect of this album on anyone is strictly out of Tesseract Society control.

(Though I’ve heard it and the album is pretty dope.)


Breach Cassette 1/50 Pre-Order


This is full length album “Breach” on a Cassette.

There are 50 copies.

I will not re-print this cassette.

The tracklist is in a different order and the song Ouroboros has an extended tape glitch outro vs the CD/Digital version.

Specify when ordering if you want Black Cassette (1 of 30) or Clear Cassette (1 or 20).

Cassette Color

Wormtooth Mask Soft Enamel Pin Pre-Order


This is where you can buy Wormtooth Soft Enamel Pins.

There are 100 of them and they will not be reprinted in this design.


Wormtooth grimoire Pre-Order


These are perfect for drawing,
taking notes,
writing to-do lists,
teaching yourself dark magic,
breaking cryptic cyphers,
summoning demons,
or you know whatever else you want.

It’s bound paper: one of the most terrifying things in the universe.

This one is found in 4 colors and limited quantities!

There are 27 of them total.

12 Black,
6 Grey,
6 Red,
3 Cardboard.

Specify your color preferences!

First come first serve,
and they will not be reprinted with these designs!