Jeff - Jeff Benkert

Decay Art/Video - Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Joy - Joy MacMillan

Joy Art - Joy MacMillan

Emily - Emily Paige Townsend

Emily Photos - Emily Paige Townsend

Voss - Mike Voss

Voss Verse - Mike Voss

Voss Videos - Alvaro Lopez-Moreno with help from Brendon Templin

Judas - Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Judas Drawings - Joules Hill

Psyco Ra - Maurice Hunt

Psyco Ra Verses - Maurice Hunt

Psyco Ra Cryptopgrahpy - Maurice Hunt

Crow - Sean Barrett

Crow Actor - Sean Barrett

Crow Noise Files - Sean Barrett

SignalSam - Rynn Ailes

SignalSam Cryptography - Rynn Ailes & Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

SignalSam Images - Rynn Ailes

SignalSam Editing/Redaction: Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Jabberwock - Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Edited by Alvaro Lopez-Moreno & Joules Hill

Concept by Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Directed by Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

All other art by Alvaro Lopez-Moreno 

Wormtooth would like to thank House of Leaves, The SCP Foundation, Marble Hornets, OuvertureFacile, The Tanis Podcast, The Blair Witch Project, The Ring, The Hobbit, The Black Tapes, Dark City, Shutter Island, The Prestige, and all of the Dungeon Masters I’ve ever had, especially Garrett Fehon, Rai Rivera, and Mike Barnett without whom none of this would have been possible.

The Tesseract Society, the Man in the Long Coat, and Wormtooth are copyright Alvaro Lopez-Moreno.

Much of this work draws heavily from The SCP Foundation and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License