Man in the Long Coat

Record # B4325

A series of tests were performed by [Redacted] on TS-[Redacted] (“Crow”) to establish his ability to communicate with the man in the long coat after receiving approval and funding from Benefactor #13 under project: Wormtooth.

Each of the tests was performed using a test subject who is an artist infected through secondary exposure from a primary host’s retelling of the dream.

Crow was instructed to [redacted] the artist which can often be quite gruesome and ritualistic.

All staff are to wear protective noise canceling headphones at all times.

Crow is instructed with questions to ask of the man in the dream should contact be made.

The man in the dream seems able to answer one question before the conclusion of the dream due to being swallowed by the [redacted].

Subject: [Redacted] Hill

Type of Art: Poetry

Question: Who are you?

Answer: The Man in the Long Coat

Notes: I don’t know what we were expecting.

Subject: Matt [Redacted]

Type of Art: Ukulele

Question: What are you?

Answer: The Man in the Long Coat

Notes: We need to be more specific with these questions.

Subject: Sally [Redacted]

Type of Art: Illustration

Question: Why are you here?

Answer: I have a very important message.

Notes: Now we’re getting somewhere.

Subject: William [Redacted]

Type of Art: Decoupage

Question: Who is your message for?

Answer: For your masters from mine.


Subject: Dixon [Redacted]

Type of Art: Sewing

Question: Who do you serve?

Answer: The Yellow King.

Notes: Jesus Christ. Case has been forwarded to [Redacted]

Tests were taken over by higher level staff

Subject: [Redacted]

Type of Art: Ceramics

Question: What is the message?

Answer (brings his hand to his face with his thumb and pinky extended): Ring Ring.

Notes: Testing put on hold due to the ██/██/████ memetic attack using the telephones on Tesseract facility 417-B that was housing TS-[Redacted] (“Crow”) using memetic agent TS-[Redacted] (“MitLC”).